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At Rocky Mountain Medical Solutions we are also passionate about Patient Advocacy. We offer Patient Support Consultations to help navigate the medical insurance world.

Insurance Agent

Patient Services


Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair


Helping patients and their families navigate the insurance world

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Comprehensive review of insurance options during your Open Enrollment period

Home Nurse Examining Patient


A wide range of consulting services to help put the patient in charge of their care

Shannon B, Michigan

When our daughter Kenzie needed her first wheelchair, we thought it would be easy because it was medically necessary for her to have it. Insurance would cover it no problem, right? We were so naive. We had no idea how hard you sometimes have to fight to get your child the things that they legitimately need and didn’t know where to start with fighting. 

Abbie and I went to high school together but we didn’t know each other well. When she saw my struggle on facebook she reached out and asked how she could help. Honestly at this point, I was pretty hopeless. She took control of the situation, helped me with resubmitting, appealing, all of it. A short time later, I received papers in the mail that her chair had been approved. Abbie knew how to navigate the complicated channels of insurance in order to get Kenzie the chair she was medically entitled to. Abbie owed me nothing. She didn’t even really know me, but out of the kindness of her heart she reached out to help. I could never repay her for the kindness she showed my family. 

If you’re feeling hopeless and like the battle with insurance isn’t worth it, let Abbie help you. She is a rare gift to the special needs community.

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